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When travelling Interstate 81 between Canada and Pennsylvania, if you look carefully just north of Syracuse, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the western shore of Oneida Lake as it empties into the Erie Canal. From this point Oneida Lake gracefully spreads some 22 miles to the east where the summer resort town of Sylvan Beach rests on her sandy shores.
Graced with over two dozen marinas, an uncounted number of camp sites, thousands of summer homes, a scattering of fishermen across her surface, and blessed with a history of early America unequalled anywhere. Oneida Lake plays home to travelers from all over the world, tourists and fishermen drawn by her warm waters, natural sandy beachs and lake bottom,and remarkable abundance of aquatic life. The small beach resort town of Sylvan Beach swells to a population that exceeds 20,000 in the summer.
If you haven't visited the shores of Oneida Lake, you're missing one of God's great efforts. Come splash in the three foot white caps tossed up by just the right west wind, take a stroll down her white sandy beachs, sample some of the finest cuisine Central New York has to offer, or cast your line in Oneida Lake's fertile waters. Whatever your pleasure may be, Oneida Lake is sure to surpass your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Come visit beautiful Oneida Lake!
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